Let WarmSculpting with SculpSure Help You Shed Those Last Few Pounds

If you're still struggling to shed your last few unwanted pounds this summer, WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure® might be the helping hand you need. Fat deposits can form naturally, sometimes as part of the aging process, and hang around despite healthy diet and exercise. 

Jay Michael Trussler, DO offers innovative SculpSure treatments to our male and female patients in the Middle Tennessee area who are dealing with hard-to-lose pounds. SculpSure targets the fat your exercise and diet changes haven't been able to eliminate, painlessly redefining your figure. This noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure can eliminate your remaining stubborn pockets of body fat.

Pain-free and noninvasive

Unlike surgical options for weight loss, such as liposuction, SculpSure is completely noninvasive. During treatments, the four applicators are secured in target areas, and they deliver laser energy that passes through your skin without harming it and targets the fat cells underneath. The procedure takes less than half an hour, and we can target multiple areas of your body during a single treatment. 

You recline comfortably for the entire process, and you can read, chat, or even nap. There won't be any incisions or anesthesia, little to no discomfort, and no recovery time. You may feel a slight tingling sensation or some minor pinching during the procedure, but no serious pain. Mild side effects like bruising are possible, but can be prevented in most cases.

SculpSure is effective for all body types, but the procedure works best on those who are already at a healthy weight. WarmSculpting treatments can be used to target unwanted fat in your abdomen, sides, back, and thighs as well as under the chin.

How SculpSure melts unwanted fat

SculpSure treatments use the process of lipolysis to eliminate your unwanted body fat. The laser delivers heat energy that damages the fat cells under your skin without harming any of your other tissues. The device alternates between the laser energy and a cooling effect to keep you comfortable.

Your body begins to metabolize the damaged fat cells immediately, and eliminated them through natural processes. Your fat-reduction results can be noticeable as quickly as 6 weeks after treatment. It takes 12 weeks after each treatment to see full results, as your lymphatic system continues to flush away the eliminated fat cells. 

Each treatment reduces the amount of fat in the treated area by about 24%. If you have more than one treatment, the sessions are typically scheduled 6-12 weeks apart.

Your fat cells won't regenerate, but you should maintain your healthy diet and exercise regimen to prevent new weight gain. WarmSculting results are long-lasting, giving you increased confidence in your figure for seasons to come. 

To schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Trussler and find out more about WarmSculpting with SculpSure, call one of our offices in Manchester or Monteagle, Tennessee, or book your appointment online.

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